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Fabrication and characteristics of storage cage

1. with a strong steel wire welded together, with u-shaped welded reinforcement on the bottom, high strength, high loading capacity, can be stacked four layers, to achieve stereoscopic warehouse
2. different models, different specifications of foldable storage cage (storage cage) bearing 0.8T~2.0T; folding structures, loads, working capital, storage is more convenient.
3. storage cage kept neat, easy to set, easy modular storage management.
4. storage cage collapsible storage when not in use to save space;
5. storage cage health immunization are not polluting the environment, working capital, storage, and recovery;
6. foldable storage cage (storage cage) with galvanized, beautiful and oxidation resistance, long term use. Suitable for forklift truck, crane, crane, lift, car, hydraulic pallet trucks, loading and unloading, handling, stacking, save time and effort.
7. foldable storage cage (storage cage) doors can be opened without cartridge that is required to access the material.