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High-speed development of China pallet

Pallets, pallet Enterprise high-speed development in China to meet the test of today, pallet mission Committee will not be responsible, as always, passion for trays provided service, also believes that plastic pallets business and professional Committee of the tray close cooperation, and give full support and cooperation.
Large practice showed that, to tray for benchmark advance packaging module, and forklift performance, and car van body and container specifications, and shelf and goods grid size of standard match is science reasonable; to tray logistics for standard constant transport, and warehouse, and handling handling, and packaging, and circulation processing, and distribution, logistics the link of combination and convergence degree, can avoid logistics process in the of waste, significantly save cost; from tray logistics of angle review logistics whether science, and reasonable, can obviously improve logistics full process of efficiency.
China's great economic development aroused the development of the logistics industry, the logistics industry development promotes the development of pallet and, in turn, pallet development lag, is restricting the rapid development of logistics. Meanwhile, we should also see, despite the tray in China has changed dramatically in recent years, developed at an astonishing pace, but logistics and the development of the national economy as a whole still has a big gap.