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How do we distinguish the quality of storage cage, storage cage

At the national level, most storage cage production processes and technology are similar, do the basic shape is the same, only the part outside the storage cage in galvanized, some geographical and other geographical or manufacturers of different first antirust treatment, there is a difference, then the steel of the difference between a good, please see the details below.

Storage cages because itis, fixed capacity, store items at a glance, easy to count, all-steel construction durable, forklift and Pallet Jack can be hauling, stacking 4 layers or so, save space, and is widely used in logistics and transit.

Used by more and more enterprises were storage cage, storage cage will directly affect the storage of cargo security and transportation safety. I introduced some more critical.

1. warehouse cage of overall basically are is high line + slot steel, high line of material decided has warehouse cage of overall using strength, generally need manufacturers can provides high line of material report, big Mills high line General are than small Mills material better, warehouse cage of hosted is big part is slot steel above, so slot steel of thickness decided has warehouse cage of hosted can standard.

2. material standards wouldn't say storage cage qualified, welded mesh and mesh base must be welded solid, mesh/wire transfer are welding, without unsoldering, welding leakage phenomenon, mesh base must be welded, in order to guarantee strength.