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How to use storage cage for logistics and warehouse to create a perfect

Storage cages can be folded up, has a lot of advantages and characteristics of zinc-coated mesh compared to the hardened steel is a good, used material after welding after cold forming, high strength material that can withstand heavy loads. Foldable storage cage, warehouse, to better reflect its values and advantages, it allows warehouse management more methodical.
Using folding type warehouse cage can folding up, became more rationalization finishing warehouse warehouse cage specifications is same of shape and size, to adapted project of number is fixed of, so in a very clear and clean of store and the convenient of various items of warehouse administrator inventory, and has capacity to distinguish level of independence, has few of material storage uninstall, avoid like no head flies incompetence looking for.
Storage cages can be folded up and save a lot of storage space: can high storage cage machine can be very solid storage material, do not use it, it folds up for storage, takes up less of a great deal of space.