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Knowledge presentation on butterfly cage

Butterfly cage also known as warehousing cage, storage cage. Butterfly cages are widely used in the manufacturing business and a storage container in a large warehouse-style supermarkets. It is widely used in raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products of staging, transportation, sorting and storage. Butterfly cages is a special form of packaging, and pallet similar effects, but its steel and mesh, vertical structure and other characteristics of storage cage can be used as either solid handling and storage transport, means of transport and logistic turnover case, but also as a sales tool. Function of the butterfly cage has gone deep into the areas of production, circulation and consumption, after staging, packing, loading and unloading, storage, transportation and other sectors, logistics throughout the entire process. Butterfly cage's role in manufacturing companies: its strong latches can either ensure the beauty of solid cage safety buckle in the storage stack, and can ensure the smooth switch under various different conditions, to store the material. Spot welding, to solid surfaces, ensure the butterfly cage storage and stacking strength and durability. Skid block is strengthening the strength of butterfly cage, and guarantee the stack top beauty solid cage forward slipping, can ensure security. Its strengthening and protective effect of strengthening hinge to prevent storage jump drive. Screw-type hinge, beautiful solid cage fold when not in use, take up less space. With u-shaped steel reinforcement at the bottom to ensure beautiful solid cage loading capacity and firmness. Special cage structure, in line with the principles of mechanics, plane placement and solid stack as well as forklift trucks, pallet trucks, car handling. With the cost of logistics enterprises gradually, beautiful solid cage also will be more widely used in manufacturing companies. He has been slowly replacing the traditional wood packaging.