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Storage-storage cage in the future development trend of the industry

Industry insiders said, using storage cage working technology, development of modern warehousing, to expedite the standardization of existing storage, trans-shipment facilities and means of transportation reform, encourage manufacturers to use standardized warehousing facilities and equipment, realization of warehouse facilities, equipment standardization.
With the development of data collection and intelligent computing, Internet and the wide use of mobile communication networks and sensor network combined with the deepening, the time is mature to develop storage cage. In the context of global efforts to combat the international financial crisis, mainly in developed countries and regions have thrown and storage cage
Information related to the strategy, increase investment in storage cage, trying to occupy a leading position, seeking new sources of economic growth.
Warehouse cage wave will bring a new round of development of information industry, was a revolution in the world, will have a profound impact on the economic development and social life. As a strategic emerging industries, developing storage cage industry is particularly important and urgent.