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Analysis On The Present Situation And Development Prospect Of Storage Cage Industry

Analysis on the Present Situation and Development Prospect of Storage Cage Industry
First, the status quo and prospects of industrial development
With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous increase in production capacity expansion, enterprise warehouse standardization, efficiency is also a natural mention of the schedule up. Storage Cage is an important tool for warehouse modernization and efficiency, so the Storage Cage industry also came into being.
From the Storage Cage manufacturing technology point of view. Storage Cage production technology is single, although the geographical differences, Storage Cage production technology much the same, the difference is not.
In the sales model point of view, all Storage Cage industry is almost all to e-commerce as the main means of sales, supplemented by the mail company sample sales model. Industry competition is regional. As the Storage Cage industry has a certain degree of concentration, so the competition in this industry there is a certain regional. There is a certain degree of competition among industries in its concentration-intensive areas. But from the market demand to see the industry competition, is still in short supply stage, so that the Storage Cage industry competition is not obvious, with the industry there is the nature of mutual assistance.
In the information transmission, the current market has not specifically introduced warehousing products, books and magazines. For this status quo, each Storage Cage company, basically through the network to promote their own companies and products.
Logistics is a powerful driving force for regional economic development, such as the coastal areas of Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang and other places are developed with the development of the circulation. In the past we talk about the market, mainly emphasizing production, and the circulation has been ignored. Through the big market to integrate a variety of resources to form a good, fast capital flow, business flow, in order to make the regional economy this game to live. And the logistics industry is to provide background support for such a large circulation, so Jiangsu and Zhejiang area is currently the largest Storage Cage demand area, the reason is that there are more foreign-invested enterprises, business operations standardization, with a certain scale economy, Management of the standardization and modernization, so the Storage Cage and other logistics facilities demand is very large.
With the transition period of China's accession to the WTO, the world's leading logistics enterprises, logistics supporting enterprises, Storage Cage industry also landed in China. Although the Storage Cage industry is still in China is still in the stage of the Enlightenment, but with the presence of foreign industry, must show some new features.
First of all, China's domestic Storage Cage industry, a single technology, and did not form the corresponding industry standards, the industry is relatively concentrated, the demand unit only choose the opportunity of different Storage Cage suppliers, and there is no choice of different Storage Cage opportunities, because the country Of the Storage Cage industry products are the same. While foreign industry presence, there must be a Storage Cage product quality differences. Then the competition will be very intense.
Second, with more foreign investment into the Chinese market, will inevitably lead to more and more enterprises to standardize the operation, improve efficiency from the third source of logistics to start, more and more people will gradually realize that the Storage Cage The need for each enterprise on the Storage Cage demand is also growing.
Again, a comprehensive open, will inevitably bring about the dispersion of demand, nationwide have, and therefore will inevitably lead to the Storage Cage industry from the current concentration gradually spread to the country.