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Box Advantage

1, square tube   welded structure, greatly increased structural strength compared with the   General storage cage, multilayer stack more secure, the service life is   longer.
  2, various, easy to use, apply to transportation between factories, storage   and plant turnarounds.
  3, have access to pallet trucks, forklifts, lifts, crane handling, stacked   four high, provides solid storage.
  4, with mechanical handling equipment, can be used for transport, handling,   loading and unloading, storage, storage logistics sectors.
  5 door, smart design, and also easy access to the goods when stacked.
  6, dedicated stacking feet, forklift operation is more convenient.
  7, surface by electrostatic spray processing, rust and corrosion
  8, can be folding, stacking, save logistics costs and improve utilization
  9, with forklift needs, operating flexibility, saves labor costs, improves   worker productivity.
  10, and casters item boxes, manual production processes transferring items