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How Should The Outdoor Temporary Fence Be Installed?

How should the outdoor Temporary Fence be installed?

Temporary Fence more common in the home balcony, parks, bridges, shopping malls, squares and other places. Temporary Fence is also the main role of security protection, so for such safety fence, its installation to follow certain norms. How should the Temporary Fence be installed? When installing a Temporary Fence, we need to understand the Temporary Fence installation steps and methods:

Outdoor Temporary Fence practice

First, the temporary Temporary Fence construction preparation

1, will review the drawings, find out the required materials, Temporary Fence form and height, embedded pieces, see if there are special requirements

2, the scene corresponds to the drawings to see the temporary construction of the fence, including the civil construction is already completed (to determine the Temporary Fence to do the height), the scene of the Temporary Fence size division and drawing is the same.

Second, paint construction

1, the structure of the metal components of the sharp edge of the grinding, chamfer grinding round, splash removal, welding and repair welding.

2, surface treatment, remove the surface of the paint harmful substances, especially the oxide, rust, soluble salts, grease, moisture, etc., which are caused by the reasons for rust.

3, the primary treatment, after the completion of the surface treatment with a matte paper to clean up the powder and then polished with sandpaper, the first time the atomic ash → polished → the second wave of the original ash → polished. In the grass-roots treatment should pay attention to the surface roughness, surface roughness to increase the coating layer contact surface, improve the coating layer on the substrate adhesion. Roughness can not be too large, otherwise the peak is often caused by insufficient coating thickness, causing early pitting, and in the deeper pit entrapment of bubbles, a coating layer of the root causes of bubble.

4, primer, spray primer again, fight color, repair atomic gray polished. Spray (Brush) Primer for the second time, repair the polish polished.

Outdoor Temporary Fence

1, topcoat, after the construction of the primer after spraying the first finish, polished sandpaper, followed by the third time finish paint.

2, the amount of glass must take the amount of four sides, the rectangle is the best amount of diagonal. The glass size can not be scaled up for full size. Hole glass size measurement not only to the amount of four sides, but also the amount of glass outside the edge of the hole to the center of the distance.

3, the installation of glass to determine the civil construction of the glass installation has no effect when the installation of glass. Clean the installation surface can not be like a stone and other hard objects, glass pads must be used for special glass pads, hard resin can not be used as a hard object instead. Glass with glass nails can not be too tight, too tight will make the glass burst. When installing the glass, pay attention to the protection of the finished product.

4, glass need to be fixed with glue when we must pay attention to the use of neutral glue, plastic construction must be full can not have a drum.

Third, the finished product protection

1, the decorative surface of the finished product protection, in the paint before the decorative surface to cover.

2, the Temporary Fence of the finished product protection, topcoat protection.