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How To Properly Use The Storage Cage

  1, storage   cage should avoid sunlight and rain, so as to avoid corrosion plastic aging   and shorten the service life.
  2, is strictly prohibited goods thrown from a height within the folding   storage cage. Rational determination of the goods stacked in the storage   cage. Uniform placement of goods, do not focus stacking, eccentric piled up.   Folding storage cage carrying heavy objects should be placed on a flat   surface or on the surface.
  3, it is strictly forbidden to storage cage fell from Paola, avoid violent   impacts caused by storage cage breaking, cracking.
  4, when a forklift or hydraulic operation, lateral to the storage cage and   sticking Forks Fork holes on foot and sticking forks should be into the   storage cage, stationary lift the storage cage can transform angle. Sticking   forks do not impact storage cage side so as to avoid breaking storage cage,   crack.
  5, folded storage cage shelves, shelf storage cages must be used. Capacity   determined in accordance with storage racks, never overload.
  6, place steel storage cage should be used in a dry environment.