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Identify The Quality Of Storage Cage

Identify the quality of Storage Cage
In fact, in the country, most of the Storage Cage production processes and processes are similar to do the basic shape is the same, only the outside of the Storage Cage galvanized part of the geographical and other geographical conditions or manufacturers are not the same, first in the defense Rust treatment there is a difference, then there is the difference between good and bad steel, please see the following details.

Warehousing cage for uniform specifications, fixed capacity, storage items at a glance, easy to inventory, all-steel structure durable, forklifts and hydraulic vehicles can be hauling, stacking 4 or so, save space, is also widely used for logistics transit The

Storage Cage has been used by more and more enterprises, but the advantages and disadvantages of Storage Cage directly affect the safety of the storage of goods and transport safety. I introduce a few more critical.

1. Storage Cage as a whole are basically high-line + channel, high-line material determines the overall strength of the Storage Cage, in general, manufacturers need to provide high-line material reports, large steel mills are generally higher than the line Small steel plant material is better, a large part of the Storage Cage bearing is above the channel, so the thickness of the tank determines the Storage Cage load can not meet the standard.

2. Material standards can not be said that the Storage Cage on the qualified, mesh and Storage Cage base of the welding must be welded firmly, the mesh of each wire should be welded at the junction, there can not be desoldering, leakage welding phenomenon, Storage Cage base Must be full of welding, so as to ensure strength.

3. Finally, the appearance of the problem of galvanized, Storage Cage surface galvanized thickness of not less than 8um, the surface bright, no spots, and Storage Cage surface is not waiting for the phenomenon. This is the production of some of the details of the problem, the Storage Cage exports to Japan, Europe and the United States are more, foreigners pay more attention to detail.
, Storage Cage to be based on plant structure (available height | beam position | floor conditions | fire protection facilities)
Storage equipment selection rack should be considered under the effective height of the beam to determine the shelf height. While the beam position will affect the shelf configuration. Floor to withstand the strength of the ground flatness and the design and installation of the shelves. In addition, it is necessary to consider the installation location of fire protection facilities and lighting facilities.
In the storage of goods shape and size, is directly related to the selection of shelf specifications, the weight of stored items directly affect the choice of the strength of the shelf. The units of storage, in what units to store, tray (pallet) or Storage Cage or a single product has a different type of shelf selection. Also estimate the total number of reserves, must take into account the company's growth needs in the next two years. This information can be obtained through the storage system analysis, but also ask us to Teng shelf in the design before giving some professional advice.