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Safety Construction Method Of Wire Mesh Fence

Safety construction method of Wire Mesh Fence

A screen fence is a kind of quiet cover for the tranquility of the road. Be careful when placing a wire fence:

1. Floating rocks and debris in the slope protection area;

2. Gouge at each hole depth is not less than the hole of the outer ring sleeve length of the anchor rod, and the usual diameter is 20cm and 20cm deep.

3, planned depth drill bolt holes and hole cleaning, hole should be deep than planned anchor length 5 cm - more than 10 cm long, aperture is not less than 42 Φ; The drill set equipment deployment limit, two of every bolt rope can be respectively anchor into the pore size is not less than two Φ 35 anchor hole, form the herringbone anchor, the Angle between the two strands of rope for 15 to 30, to reach the same anchor setting results; In the case of the hole in the government hole, the C15 concrete base with the diameter of 0.40.4 is not less than 0.40.4.

4, grouting and insert bolt, acceptance label is not lower than C2O slurry, appropriate USES contrast ratio 1:1 ~ 1 to 1. 2, water cement ratio of 0.45 ~ 0.5 cement mortar or water cement ratio of 0.45 ~ 0.5 pure cement mortar, cement should accept 42.5 R ordinary Portland cement, preferable size no greater than 3 mm in the fine sand, ensure the slurry, grouting before hold the next procedure, maintenance period of not less than three days.

5, resettlement support rope, tighten after two segments each with two to four (support length is less than 15 m in two, with four more than 30 m, meantime, three) exposed ring set firmly adjacent line card and bolt.

6, laying down from the Wire Mesh Fence and stitching, each Wire Mesh Fences are sewn up with a 32 m long rope support rope around a seam merge pre tensioning, suture line two segments each with two line card hold strong solidarity with the rope net.

Slope protection is a kind of protection step that is often accepted by the deployment of the door setting equipment. It is important to accept the products such as screen fence.

The Wire Mesh Fence shows the soft gram, when the product has a huge amount of time, it can extend the action time. Increase the force area of the network; At the same time, in the local force of the group bearing; To stop the force of the result unit to be crushed. It can be applied to any large terrain without crushing the original landform, the product is meshed, the visual disturbance is small, it is convenient for artificial greening, and it is beneficial to environmental protection. The construction is quick and light, the period is short.

Important products Wire Mesh Fence system can be divided into network automatic system and passive fence system two kinds: system as an important department in cable and shrouded (to be automatic protection) and intercept (passive protection) two fundamental paradigm to prevention and control of various slope geological disasters and avalanche, bank slope wash, slope blasting slungshot, flexible quiet protection system of the harm such as falling objects, skills and products.

The use of the screen fence can provide the basic protection to protect people's life and tranquility in the event of a landslide.

Wire fence in addition to the contribution to the stability of the slope has the certain, at the same time also can inhibit further weathering erosion, slope and slope shape characteristic, does not damage and change slope surface morphology and the original vegetation growth conditions, its open features to later or the next conditional and need to carry out the artificial slope greening retained when necessary conditions, green plants can be free in the open space, the solid soil functions of plant roots and blends into slope protection system, thus inhibiting slope damage and erosion, which in turn protects the physiognomy and vegetation slope, optimal slope protection and environmental protection purposes.