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Screen Development Wire Mesh

Screen development Wire Mesh

The annual import of silk screen in China has reached more than one million m, and the import products are mainly over 270 items of polyester silk net and nylon Wire Mesh. The high density screen of high technology, high strength and low screen, antistatic screen, the special treatment screen and polyester high Wire Mesh screen need to be imported.

Domestic network of polyester yarn and nylon nets, have a good sale, polyester silk net and export in a small amount, but domestic little screen types and specifications, high quality, high Wire Mesh, wide screen to be exploited.

A new type of non-woven silk screen has been developed abroad, which overcomes the problem of the traditional silk weft line. * * ultrafine modern graphics screen printing, screen printing subtle levels, the high precision positioning quantitative screen printing screen printing, special printing ink and large color screen printing and so on, the screen to use put forward higher requirements: such as high strength, low elongation variability, repeatability, consistency, long service life, etc.; Such as printed electronic micro-components, integrated circuits, multi-layer printed circuit, fluorescent digital display, space instrument flat panel display and other high-tech products; When network, some screen printing requires anti-static, metallization, physical, chemical treatment or special materials.

The precision of printed circuit boards and electronic components is obvious, and the requirement for size position is high. In addition to the polyester, polyamide, and stainless steel, the Wire Mesh has been used as a yarn core with high tensile strength, which is made of polyamide. It is made of polypropylene ester fiber, the net eye 330, the diameter of the line is 23 mu m, the interweaving is 36 mu m, can obtain high tension, really is the silk screen of the age. Moreover, in order to meet the requirements of precision, all of these screens are treated by plasma treatment, metal evaporation, polishing and processing.

Metal Wire Mesh is used in screen products as an important part of the assembly. For the moment, metal Wire Mesh has occupied a very important position in the field of silk screen production, the existence of it, can not only makes the structure of the screen itself is rigorous, at the same time, also effective to enhance the performance of the product is a essential metal materials. However, how does the product implement the function of binding with the screen? It also has to start with the product's own structure. Next, I will give you a brief explanation.

Wire Mesh products, mainly divided into several parts, such as Wire Mesh, pillar and base of each part plays a different effect, compared with the past commonly used wooden structure of the fence, Wire Mesh is the most prominent advantage is that the more a metal Wire Mesh structure, the structure is not only effective bearing pressure of external factors, and also can have the effect of solid Wire Mesh structure itself. Besides, this part can also beautify the whole effect of screen, making the whole class of silk screen "go up one floor". How does the web slice bind to the overall fence?

1, the column section at the top of the screen, there is a Wire Mesh of metal structure, the structure of the Wire Mesh is about 25 mm in diameter, is play a role for both between each other in a very good connection. In general, the factory USES 304 stainless steel columns for assembly, and the assembled parts are mostly nuts.

2. In the middle of the column, it is also bound to the part of the screen. Generally speaking, the columns that people see are usually used for ordinary round tubes, special steel pipes or other types of pipes. Normally, this type of column is bound to the Wire Mesh, using the nut or the construction thread to work until the two are firmly tied together. To sum up, screen products are made from the common columns of the web and metal rings. The top top adopts the bolt processing binding, the upper and lower double loop metal Wire Mesh, and has promoted the double coil screen beautiful, the convenient aspect characteristic.