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Stackable Frame Description

Stackable shelves can be stacked to high   weights, multilayer storage. Free layout, move easily. Using stacked storage design,   save space. A special method, overlapping onto the 82% track at 90%. Two   pieces of track under load, can be split into 4 equal columns. Larger and   more stable load, such as the earthquake shaking can play an outstanding   role. All welding process, in terms of durability is almost permanent.
  Stackable frame bearing:
  The bearing capacity is mainly composed of the bottom frame stackable frame   structure, square tube thickness determined, steel plate thickness and weld   quality. Static and dynamic load two, belonging to dynamic load during   transport (shake, bump).
  Stackable frame advantage:
  1, itis clear easy to inventory
  2, clothing stack, it becomes each other's storage capacity
  3, can be used with trays
  4, empty frames to each other (fixed) or removed (removable) storage to save   space
  5, the heavier high stacked, multi-layer storage
  6, free layout, easy to move