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Steel Pallets Used In Trades

  1. automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles and   other modes of transport vehicles and spare parts;
  2. stamping, casting, metal, mold, and other industries;
  3. machinery manufacturing, metal products, such as toys, lights, plastic and   metal;
  4. computers, electronics, household appliances, electrical cables and   equipment industries;
  5. wood, wood and steel furniture and handicrafts;
  6. metal tool, sanitary ware, construction hardware and accessories   industries;
  7, heat treating, plating, painting and spraying process industries;
  8. shoes, plastics, printing, and other process industries;
  9. the supermarket shopping malls, freeways, stations, terminals, tobacco   post trading warehouse system;
  10. a focus on warehousing logistics modernization, standardization   management of other enterprise.