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Storage Cage A New Wave Of Development

Storage Cage a new wave of development
With the warehouse industry step by step, the shelf can be said to be the most common, but the Storage Cage is also indispensable, Storage Cage application is an important direction for the upgrading of traditional industries. Warehousing industry and the combination of logistics, making China's warehousing and logistics industry in the world of logistics environment and competition in the continuous development and improvement, but also achieved very good results.
The use of warehouse cage turnover technology, the development of modern warehousing industry, to speed up the existing warehousing, transport facilities and means of transport standardization, to encourage manufacturers to use standardized storage facilities and equipment to achieve storage facilities, equipment standardization.
In the global response to the international financial crisis, the major developed countries and regions have thrown out with the warehouse cage related to the information strategy, increase investment in the warehouse cage, trying to occupy the leading position, to seek new economic growth point.
Storage Cage will bring a new round of information industry development wave, it is a world of new technological revolution, will have a profound impact on economic development and social life. As a strategic emerging industry, vigorously develop the warehouse cage industry is particularly important and urgent.
With the rapid development of information collection and intelligent computing technology, the extensive application of Internet and mobile communication network and the deepening of the combination with the sensor network, the time of large-scale development of warehouse cage is becoming more and more mature.
The Storage Cage above the lid, this can prevent the Storage Cage inside the product due to the shaking of the ship and fall out of the Storage Cage. In general, the Storage Cage and lid is a better product, the formation of internal effective space, with net cover Storage Cage, is the conventional Storage Cage; on the opening plus a piece of mesh,
The mesh is slightly smaller than the mouth, around the spring and buckle, to ensure that long-distance or short-distance transport process warehouse cage loaded with the safety of goods and vibration caused by the goods fall. The use of side of the Storage Cage cage technology, making the Storage Cage cover can still be normal after the stacking, with net cover Storage Cage in the die casting, forging parts, metal products, engineering machinery parts, auto parts, stamping parts, lighting , Toys, bathroom parts, postal and pharmaceutical logistics, business super, agricultural products, food and other industries are widely used.
In order to make Storage Cage products play an increasingly important role in warehousing, we should regulate the storage management system and the correct use of Storage Cage products, from the overall storage knowledge in the correct play warehouse cage maximum function
1. Consolidated shipments are an economic benefit of Storage Cage warehousing through which the integrated warehouse receives materials from a range of manufacturing plants designated for delivery to a specific quantity and then integrates them into a single one-vote shipment.
2. Receive orders from the manufacturer's customer portfolio and ship them to individual customers. Storage Cage Sorting warehouses or sorting stations sorting or dividing the combined order into individual orders and arranging the local transportation department to deliver. As long-distance transport is the transfer of large quantities, so the transport costs are relatively low, tracking is not too difficult.
3. Processing / Deferred Warehouses can also be used to delay or delay production by undertaking processing or participation in a small number of manufacturing activities. Storage Cage A warehouse with a packaging capacity or a tagging ability can postpone the final production of the product until it knows the demand for the product.
4. The direct economic benefits of stockpiling this warehousing service are subordinate to the fact that storage is of the utmost importance to the chosen business. Storage Cage The stockpile provides inventory buffering to increase productivity by restricting production activities to material sources and customer needs.