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Storage Cages

Storage cages   are mainly used for factories, factory store turnover between raw materials,   semi-finished products stored in the warehouse, in part, for goods   distribution in a supermarket storage, it can protect the goods against   impact and so on. Therefore, it is in the form of a reusable protective   packaging. Standard size storage cage is important in the logistics chain of   storage swing container.
  Storage cages when used for production, storage and transportation of goods,   often in very harsh circumstances numerous handling and to ensure that goods   in turnover when handling and packaging to maximize the integrity and reduce   losses while reducing the trouble of working capital change in packaging,   direct use of mechanized transport, increase the speed. Storage cages for   some big-ticket items to provide good packaging, directly to the enterprises   to reduce storage costs and reduce the damage. While storage cage life   reusable and greatly reduce the cost of packaging (compared with traditional   packaging).