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Storage Cages With Superior Features

Storage cage fracture resistance, anti-aging, bearing strength, tensile,   compression, tear, high temperature, rich colors, box-type storage cage can   be used for working capital and shipping packaging, lightweight, durable,   stackable. Can be applied to metal, electronics, mechanical parts,   refrigeration, storage, transportation and other industries. Resistant to   acid, alkali, oil, nonpoisonous and tasteless and can be used to hold food,   easy to clean, spare parts turnover convenient, tidy, and easy to manage.   Storage cage and workstation can be used with a variety of logistics   container fit, for all kinds of warehouse, production sites and many other   occasions.
  Foldable storage cage, also called a storage cage has a neat store items   fixed, stacked, stored at a glance. Foldable storage cage structure easy to   inventory the advantages, but also increased the effective utilization of   space. In addition, storage cage durable, convenient transportation,   reusable, can effectively reduce the storage enterprise of human consumption   and packaging costs.