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The Development Prospect Of Barbed Wire In The Countryside

The development prospect of Barbed Wire in the countryside

Barbed Wire is widely used. It is not only used in industry. There is also a rapid rise in rural development.

Rural living standards have also improved. It also promotes the rapid development of Barbed Wire in rural areas. Walk into the countryside and you'll feel it everywhere. Once upon a time, the farmers' walls were built of bricks. Many are now converted into Barbed Wire fences. It not only reduces costs, but also beautifies the environment. Build a fence with a Barbed Wire fence to climb up the tiger, slowly climb the whole fence, a green, beautiful, beautiful. You can also grow a few of them, such as melons, cucumbers, cucumbers and gourds. They not only beautify the environment, but also increase revenue. The most important thing is to eat these vegetables, fruits are very fresh. This is a matter of two things.

Barbed Wire can also be used for raising livestock. For example, pig Barbed Wire, chicken barbed chicken, the use of the industry is also very extensive. It's also economical.

Barbed Wire also contributes greatly to food storage. Remember when I was a child, the home use made of sorghum stalk scarf 笣 into food store to store the ear of corn. Later, the bricks were built to hold the corn. And now it's all in the granary. Granary electrowelding mesh is a granary made of wire mesh. The grain Barbed Wire is used to store grain. It has good ventilation and air permeability. The ears of corn will soon dry up. This store of corn is not only particularly bright in color. And the quality is good. So grain Barbed Wire is the most ideal storage tool for corn ear.

In fact, Barbed Wire has a great market in the countryside. The Barbed Wire is widely used in the countryside.

The use of Barbed Wire is more and more widespread. Not only can be used to make a fence, Barbed Wire fence, Barbed Wire can also be made into box shape of the container, into the stone, as the stone cage, made of Barbed Wire is also used to protect embankment, slope, road and bridge and other civil engineering.

Barbed Wire stone cage can be divided into: wire hook, wire mesh cage, iron wire welded mesh cage, wire hexagonal mesh cage, etc.

Gabion cages used is according to the size of the hexagonal wire diameter and different is formed by guest net surface of rectangle box component, consists of the size of a certain interval partition number of cells, at the same time use wire for each partition of peripheral and side side of the panel. Now a lot of things are exquisite price quantity and practical, Barbed Wire stone cage is such a treasure, both beautiful and strong.

The ecological and beautiful Barbed Wire cage is the ideal environment for the anti - corrosion, consolidation of riverbed and river management. The Barbed Wire cage has a natural biological engineering structure. Once construction is completed, the environment natural recovery function will be available. This is an important aspect of the structure of the Barbed Wire cage. Not only will they not prevent plant growth, but also create a good ecological environment for natural growth and root development of plants, and provide a good aesthetic habitat for humans and animals and plants. Further, it can reduce ambient noise and provide more attractive drainage and filtration devices after installation. With the continuous improvement of the method, a variety of Barbed Wire cage structure design scheme which is beneficial to the rapid growth of plant and bio-engineering can be provided in the construction design.

In revetment construction site to gabion cages inside filling stone, according to the different revetment area, engineering level and different categories, and adopted by the packing is also different, common with gravel, flaky, pebbles, gravel, stone, etc. The size of the filler is usually 1.5 times or 2 times the size of the mesh hole, and other materials such as bricks and discarded concrete can be used. Gabion box has good stability and integrity, it is made of hot rolled steel wire drawing after the formation of the network cable, hot dip galvanized or composite antirust processing, then treated with PVC cover plastic woven, so it is of very high strength and corrosion resistance, in a natural environment can generally be used normally without changing the character in 100. At the same time, the wire gabion cages revetment structure can well with the local natural environment fusion, filling the space between the moisture and nutrients provide a good channel, provides the growth space for aquatic organisms. This kind of structure has very strong anti-scouring ability, and it has high anti-flood strength. It is suitable for watercourses with large amount of water and fast flow rate, and low cost.