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The Folding Storage Cage Achieves The Perfect Combination Of Efficiency And Safety

The Folding Storage Cage achieves the perfect combination of efficiency and safety

The Folding Storage Cage is the technical and convenient speed of modern logistics shelf. Although the structure of the shelf logistics equipment is simple, the technical content of the shelf is self-evident. The rationality and convenience of the design of its folded storage cage are fully manifested, and the superiority is obvious to all. For warehousing logistics technology improved, making the storage shelves on the premise of guarantee the absolute security has greatly increased the storage density, storage equipment and access to a more convenient and quick, so as to realize the perfect combination of high efficiency and safety. It really helps enterprises to maximize the storage capacity.

Folding Storage Cage is also called Folding Storage Cage, because of its high bearing capacity and strong plasticity, it is widely used in warehousing and logistics. And the international standard logistics storage cage, widely used in raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products storage. Advantages of Folding Storage Cage: use Folding Storage Cage to store the goods in a uniform, fixed capacity, easy storage, easy to count. Can use various handling equipment to carry, can stack four layers, realize the three-dimensional storage; Empty cage storage in storage, save space. Easy to use, surface galvanizing treatment, anti-factory and outdoor corrosion, long service life. Using strong steel bar to weld, the bottom is welded with U channel steel, making the structure stronger. It is widely used in transportation, transportation, loading and unloading, storage, etc., to reduce cost and improve efficiency. In the Folding Storage Cage with a bandboard or cardboard, can effectively protect the surface of the objects.

The structure of Folding Storage Cage is characterized by simple operation, wide use and long service life. With forklift truck, hydraulic pallet, foot wheel and front and rear traction tools, it can be widely used in logistics such as transportation, handling, loading and unloading material storage, etc. The stability of Folding Storage Cage is guaranteed by metal reinforcement structure. Special foot structure can make Folding Storage Cage itself stable. Storage device Folding Storage Cage is a common product in the turnover of logistics unit. Widely used in three-dimensional warehouse, production workshop, logistics distribution center and so on.

1. The material standards can't say Folding Storage Cage is qualified, mesh and fold storage cage base welding must be strong, every piece of wire junction welding mesh, can't have to take off the welding, welding leakage phenomenon, Folding Storage Cage base must be full welding, so as to ensure the strength.

2. The overall Folding Storage Cage are basically line + channel steel, storage cage material determines the folding of the overall intensity of use, generally need to manufacturer can provide the material of the report, the big steel mill line is generally better than small steel plant material, Folding Storage Cage bearing is a large part of the channel steel, so the thickness of the steel channel determines the Folding Storage Cage bearing can be up to standard.

3. The surface of the folded storage cage is not less than 8um, the surface is bright, there is no spot, and there is no such phenomenon as the Folding Storage Cage surface. These are some of the details of the production, the Folding Storage Cage exports Japan, Europe and the United States more, the foreigners pay attention to the details.

The Folding Storage Cage is a kind of logistics product commonly adopted by domestic and foreign manufacturers and supermarkets. Fold storage cage installation, loading, picking up, easy to operate, easy to operate, can realize warehousing. Suitable for forklift, crane, crane, lift, truck, hydraulic pallet loading and unloading, handling and stacking, save time and effort.

The Folding Storage Cage facilitates the rationalization of warehousing management: the specification is uniform, the capacity is fixed, the storage is clear, the inventory is easy to be counted, and the small amount can be unloaded separately to avoid the trouble of the warehouse. Save space: use stacking machine, lift, crane, can pile up 4 storeys high, produce the effect of the three-dimensional storage, when not use, can fold accumulation, only and the 20% of the original use space. Homework unified: cooperate with forklift, crane, vehicle, elevator, hydraulic carts or other transportation equipment use, since raw materials into the factory, no matter after several processing, completion of the finished product stored in the warehouse, finally sent to the customer, are available in this container. Not only reduce the damage in handling, but also save a large amount of labor cost. Easy to use: this container is specially designed to fold, easy to operate, easy to fold and expand, not to take up space, with wide application range and long service life. Used durable: this container solid structure, strong steel spot welding and become, in at the bottom of the u-shaped groove weld reinforcement, with a special foot frame, make the operation more safe and quickly work is one of the world is the most beneficial generative apparatus.