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The Practical Application Of Barbed Wire

The practical application of Barbed Wire

The floor is made of reinforced concrete slab, and it is used as a permanent template in the steel beams of the floor. The construction of Barbed Wire is a kind of low carbon wire rod steel, cold rolled, the rectified with horizontal steel wire welding equipment will identify with spacing must be display, interspersed with point all use resistance of welded together in the building of Barbed Wire. Welded mesh material: cold rolled ribbed steel bar or cold rolled round bar and hot rolled reinforced Ⅲ level. With Barbed Wire steel has good elasticity Uniform spacing, pouring reinforced local bending, not easy to be uniform thickness of concrete cover is easy to control, in some of the bridge deck pavement, the measured welding net cover rate of over 96%. Usually is made of silk after as follows: 1.0-4.0 mm, mesh size 5 -- 20 cm. Special specifications customized processing. Barbed Wire welding wire and heating is to use cold drawing mild steel wire, Barbed Wire steel wire, iron wire, stainless steel wire welded together building Barbed Wire, a solder joint is firm, rational structure uniform mesh. It has strong anti - oxidation resistance, durable, easy to install, easy to fade, no deformation and other advantages. It is mainly used for the professional Barbed Wire of construction floor heating. The radiant heating of low-temperature hot water floor is widely used in many parts of China. The 20 general specifications are: galvanized coil net, galvanized welded mesh, steel wire floor heating wire mesh, touch wire mesh, black wire mesh, thread steel mesh. Recognized at home and abroad, a new type of steel bar welded mesh is high efficient and high quality construction steel reinforced concrete structure and a large number of applications in industrial and civil building floor, roof, wall, floor, Barbed Wire concrete pavement and bridge deck pavement, airport runway, tunnel lining, concrete pipe, pile, etc.

Construction of the Barbed Wire is used in municipal building: Barbed Wire the deck of the elevated overpass, the concrete air of the square, the concrete pipe, the fence, the slope, etc. Hydraulic power coal: water conservancy equipment, power dam foundation, protection net, etc. Building Barbed Wire is used in other aspects: flood control equipment, slope reinforcement, collapse protection, feeding industry, animal husbandry and so on. The use of building Barbed Wire is also common, building wire mesh can be used for external wall insulation. Fixed method for hot-dip galvanized steel wire mesh: the wire mesh is fixed with plastic shrinkage bolt. When fixing wire mesh, wire mesh should be fastened at the top level. The wire mesh should be laid horizontally or vertically. When the wire mesh is hung, the end of the wire mesh (50mm) is removed to the Angle of L, so that it can be connected by turn. Make a v-type card with a steel wire of no less than 1.5mm in diameter, Barbed Wire fix the wire mesh first, and then install the anchor piece according to the plum type punch hole or needle.