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The Production Process Of Storage Cage

The production process of Storage Cage

Storage Cage main components sub-mesh manufacturing and chassis manufacturing.

Mesh by the raw materials Q235 or Q195 high-line wire drawing into a diameter of 5.8 or 6.2 more than the fine line, and then cut into a variety of lengths, through the welding machine net, made semi-finished mesh. Most of the mesh after galvanized treatment, but also spray treatment, anti-rust galvanized better than spray. The wire diameter is an important parameter for the bearing.

Chassis from the raw material sheet through the bending machine, the plate commonly used 1.8 and 2.5, and then cut, artificial welding into the channel. Chassis mercy is an important parameter bearing.

There are two types of bottom and bottom channel welding, one is manual welding, can not guarantee the welding of each contact point; the other is commonly used in Shanghai enterprises full of welding technology, channel and mesh of each contact point through Machine welder, bearing capacity stronger.

Finally, the mesh and the chassis are assembled by spring and back buckle.

Efficiency refers to a certain amount of labor inputs. High efficiency refers to the smaller factors of labor into the output of more products. High efficiency means that the unit labor output is large. The use of high efficiency of labor is the basic element of modern production. Warehouse efficiency in the cargo turnover rate, warehouse capacity utilization, access time, loading and unloading time and other indicators. Efficient storage reflects the "fast forward, fast out, more storage, keep good" features.

Warehouse production management to efficiency management as the core, to achieve minimum labor input, access to the largest product output. Labor inputs include the number of labor, production work and their working hours and time of use. Efficiency is the basis of all warehousing management, there is no production efficiency, there will be no operating benefits, more likely to have high quality service.

Efficient implementation is the embodiment of management art, through accurate accounting, scientific organization, proper arrangements for places and space, machinery and equipment and staff with a reasonable. Departments and departments, personnel and personnel, equipment and equipment, personnel and equipment between the tacit understanding, so that the production process in an orderly manner.

High efficiency requires an effective management process as a guarantee, including on-site organization, standardization, supervision, institutionalized operation and management, strict quality responsibility constraints. Site operations chaos, random operation, poor quality of operations or even operating accidents, etc. obviously can not have high efficiency.