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The Role And Characteristics Of Storage Cage

Storage Cage Storage cage role and characteristics of storage cage is the current domestic and foreign manufacturers, supermarket retail enterprises generally use a logistics products. Warehouse cage installation, loading, picking, easy and flexible, easy to operate, can achieve three-dimensional storage. Suitable for forklift, crane, traffic, lifts, trolleys, hydraulic pallet truck loading and unloading, handling and heap high, saving time and effort.

  Storage Cage Storage cage to promote rationalization of warehousing management: unified specifications, capacity fixed, storage at a glance, easy inventory, and can be a separate layer of a small amount of unloading material, to avoid the trouble of opening. Saving space: the use of stacking machine, lift, crane, can be stacked four high, resulting in three-dimensional storage effect, when not in use, foldable accumulation, and only the original use of space 20%. The work of a unified: with the stacking machine, crane, trolley, lift, hydraulic pallet truck or other transport equipment, since the beginning of raw materials into the plant, regardless of several processing, finished to the finished storage in the warehouse, and finally sent to the customer Hands, can use this container. Not only to reduce damage in handling and save a lot of labor costs. Easy to use: the special design of the container folding, simple and safe operation, folding and expansion of light, no space, the application of large, long service life. Rugged and durable: the container structure is strong, the use of strong steel spot welding, the bottom of the U-slot welding reinforcement, coupled with a special tripod, so that the operation more secure and fast, in fact, one of the most favorable work sector appliance.

  Storage cage features:

  1. The use of high-quality steel by cold-rolled hardening welding, high strength, loading capacity.

  2. Uniform specifications, fixed capacity, storage of goods at a glance, easy inventory inventory.

  3. Surface galvanized, beautiful antioxidant, long service life.

  4. The use of international standards, supporting the use of containers, effectively improve the space utilization.

  5. Can be stacked on top of each other four layers, to achieve three-dimensional storage.

  6. Surface environmental treatment, health and immunity, turnover, storage and recycling are not polluting the environment.

  7. With forklifts, cattle, lifts, cranes and other equipment can be efficient operations.

  8. Folding structure, low recovery cost, is an alternative to wooden crates.

  9. The bottom can be installed wheels, the factory internal turnover is extremely convenient.