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What Are The Advantages And Characteristics Of A Folding Storage Cage?

What are the advantages and characteristics of a Folding Storage Cage?

      Folding Storage Cage can be folded with a lot of advantages and features, it is the use of relatively good material steel material after cold rolling hardened after the formation of welding, with high strength, can be loaded with heavy material, folding Of the Folding Storage Cage in the warehouse to better reflect its value and advantages, it can make the management of the warehouse more orderly.

      The use of collapsible Folding Storage Cages to make the consolidation of the warehouse more rational: the shape and size of the Folding Storage Cage is the same, the number of items that can be accommodated is also fixed, so it is very clear and clean after storage. The administrator checks all kinds of items, and can separate the level, a small amount of unloading storage materials, to avoid the headless flies like no clue to find.

Folding Storage Cages that can be folded can save a lot of space available for the storehouse: the use of a machine that can stack a stack of storage cages, a very three-dimensional storage of material, do not need to use it, it can be folded up, Take up a lot of space.

Folding Storage Cage in the storage equipment is recognized by more and more domestic enterprises, many do not have to fold the storage cage before the enterprises slowly accepted the Folding Storage Cage, a lot of wooden boxes, cartons, steel pallets have been folded storage cage replaced , Then what is the reason for enterprises to choose Folding Storage Cage?

1: The first thing to consider is how to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, and Folding Storage Cage to bring the warehouse efficient turnover and save labor costs, are enterprises to consider the use of Folding Storage Cage important reason.

2: Folding Storage Cage life than the wooden box, carton long and long, Folding Storage Cage can be normal use 7-8 years or so, wooden boxes, cartons and other short-term need to be replaced, continuous replacement is the cost increase The

3: Folding Storage Cage in the late use can also be scrap iron recycling, to recover a certain cost.

4: more than the steel tray 4 fence (mesh), the goods will not fall in transit.

5: Folding Storage Cage standardization, mechanization of the warehouse to improve the overall efficiency, with the upstream and downstream suppliers with more efficient.

Folding Storage Cage is a kind of logistics container which is very important in warehousing and transportation. It has the advantages of fixed storage capacity, stacking cleanliness, storage at a glance, easy inventory and other advantages, but also improve the effective utilization of storage space. Folding Storage Cage can be free to fold, when not in use can be folded storage, saving storage space.

So what do we need to do to keep our Folding Storage Cages?

1, moisture.

North, you can rest assured that the storage cage rust. In the foggy weather, with a dry cotton cloth to wipe the appearance of the water droplets; every rain, should be stopped after the rain in time to dry the water can. The south in the outdoor use as much as possible to increase the rain cloth, accessories industry;

2, to prevent bumps.

This is the first time to note the purchase of Folding Storage Cage, Folding Storage Cage in the transfer process should be lightly placed; placed Folding Storage Cage surface should be flat to keep the storage cage stability.

3, away from the acid and alkali.

Acid and alkali known as the Folding Storage Cage "number one killer". Folding Storage Cage if accidentally stained with acid (such as sulfuric acid, vinegar), alkali (such as alkali, soapy water, soda water), should immediately use the water to clean the sewage, and then dry cotton dry.

4, away from the sun.

Folding Storage Cage placed in the direction, the best to avoid the sun outside the window directly shine. Folding Storage Cage long-term taste of the sun, will make paint color discoloration; color paint layer dry off, the metal showed oxidative deterioration.

5, cut off the wet.

Indoor humidity should be maintained within the normal value. Folding Storage Cage should be away from the humidifier, humid will make the metal rust, chrome off and so on. Folding Storage Cage clean, avoid boiled water clean, you can use a damp cloth, but do not use water to wash.

6, eliminate rust.

If the Folding Storage Cage rust, do not make their own ideas with sandpaper polished. Rust less shallow, cotton yarn can be dipped in oil applied to the rust, wait a moment, with a cloth wipe can eliminate rust. If the rust has been extended to become heavy, you should ask the relevant technical staff to repair.