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What Are The Advantages Of Storage Cage In Production?

What are the advantages of Storage Cage in production?
Our company is specialized in the domestic Storage Cage set research and development, production and sales in one of the manufacturers. Bringing together many domestic manufacturing elite technology, owned by the process equipment, technology, research and development capabilities are the leading domestic level. With the professional production experience, leading production technology, excellent product quality, integrity of the business philosophy, in the domestic Storage Cage manufacturing industry enjoyed a high reputation, many enterprises preferred Storage Cage manufacturers, so far domestic business users up to 3000 Yujia, such as Coca-Cola, Samsung Electronics, Unilever, Haier Group, Hope Group, Gree, Volkswagen, Huiyuan Group and other large well-known enterprises. Folded Shanghai Storage Cage is also called butterfly cage, with storage items fixed, stacked clean, storage at a glance, easy inventory and other advantages, but also improve the efficient use of storage space. In addition, the Storage Cage is durable, easy to transport, can be reused, can effectively reduce the storage business of human consumption and packaging costs. With the rapid development of modern industry, Storage Cage function more and more widely; this product can not only be used for factory production workshop, and can be used as a display as a supermarket promotion and warehousing. Improved Storage Cage can be placed on the shelves, pipelines, but also stacking; wheeled Storage Cage can be quickly and easily in the workshop turnover, but also in the cage loaded traction, in front of traction machinery, so that the cage connected between such as A small train free shuttle between the warehouse plant: with PVC board or iron plate Storage Cage to prevent small pieces of missing: the network distance increases the Storage Cage can put cartons or light items, to avoid the simple tray with a carton And product damage, an increase of the product in the transport and storage process of stability and integrity.

Foldable Storage Cage Product features:

1, Storage Cage specifications uniform, fixed capacity, Storage Cage appearance for the galvanized.

2, Storage Cage storage of goods at a glance, it is easy to warehouse inventory.

3, Storage Cage can be stacked to achieve a four-storey height, Storage Cage to achieve three-dimensional warehouse storage.

4, Storage Cage with forklifts, lifts, cranes and other equipment, can be used for transportation, handling, handling, storage and storage of Shanghai Storage Cage (especially with corridor Storage Cage) and other logistics in all aspects.

5, Storage Cage using strong steel spot welding, Storage Cage bottom to U-shaped steel welded reinforcement, so that the structure is more solid. Storage Cage is simple, widely used, long life. You can also modify other appliances to use. (Such as: foot to install the wheel)