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What Are The Methods Of Handling The Storage Cage Surface?

What are the methods of handling the Storage Cage surface?

Storage Cage surface treatment in a variety of ways, mainly hot galvanized, electro-galvanized, spray or paint. Can be produced according to customer requirements. Now from the following details:

 1, galvanized galvanized: the cold plating, is the application of electroplating in the warehouse cage surface galvanized, the process is mainly the warehouse cage and zinc block at the same time immersed in the electrolyte, respectively, through the positive and negative DC, finished coating evenly, In the acidic electrolyte galvanized warehouse cage surface is bright, alkaline electrolyte galvanized warehouse cage surface is white, but no difference between the two kinds of quality.

 2, hot dip galvanizing: the cost of this galvanized high, galvanized after the coating is thick, good quality, corrosion resistance, and this approach to the Storage Cage for more humid environment, cold storage and other harsh environments.

 3, spray, paint, is the powder coating. This way the customer is generally required to customize.

1. Material compliance can not be said that the Storage Cage on the qualified, mesh and Storage Cage base of the welding must be welded firmly, the mesh of each wire should be welded at the junction, there can not be desoldering, leakage welding phenomenon, Storage Cage base Must be full of welding, so as to ensure strength. In the case of

2. Storage Cage as a whole are basically high-line + channel, high-line material determines the overall strength of the Storage Cage, in general, manufacturers need to provide high-quality material reports, large steel mills are generally higher than the line Small steel plant material is better, a large part of the Storage Cage bearing is above the channel, so the thickness of the tank determines the Storage Cage load can not meet the standard. In the case of

3. Storage Cage surface galvanized thickness of not less than 8um, the surface bright, no spots, and the Storage Cage surface is not waiting for the phenomenon. This is the production of some of the details of the problem, the Storage Cage exports to Japan, Europe and the United States, South Korea are also more foreigners pay more attention to detail. In the case of

Butterfly cage is widely used in manufacturing enterprises and large storage supermarkets in a storage container. It is widely used in raw materials, semi-finished and finished products of temporary storage, transportation, sorting and storage. Butterfly cage is also a special form of packaging, and the role of similar to the tray, but its steel and mesh, three-dimensional structure and other characteristics of the Storage Cage can be determined for three-dimensional loading and unloading, storage, transport, but also for logistics Turnover box use, but also for sales tools. Butterfly cage function has been deep into the production, circulation, consumption of the field, experienced a temporary storage, packaging, loading and unloading handling, storage, Storage Cage transportation and other sectors, throughout the entire process of logistics. In the case of

The role of the butterfly cage in the manufacturing enterprise: Storage Cage it has a solid bolt mechanism can ensure that the United States solid cage in the storage stack when the security shut down, but also to ensure a variety of different conditions to switch to the material. Little pressure welding to point solid, to ensure that butterfly cage storage and stacking strength and durability. Anti-skid blocks both to strengthen the strength of the butterfly cage, but also to ensure that the stack of the upper layer of the United States is not lean forward cage, can guarantee security. It strengthens the hinges from strengthening and protecting the role to prevent the reservoir from bouncing. Spiral hinge, so that when the United States solid cage when not in use, Storage Cage to reduce the space occupied. The bottom of the U-shaped steel reinforcement, to ensure that the US solid cage carrying capacity and firmness. The special cage structure, in line with the principles of mechanics, easy to place the plane and three-dimensional stack and forklift, pallet truck, trolley handling. With the logistics costs are gradually being the company's attention, the United States and solid cage will also be more widely used in manufacturing enterprises. He has slowly replaced the traditional wooden packaging.