Welded Razor Wire Mesh Fencing for High Security

Product Details

Welded razor wire mesh is a multi-functional, high security mesh fencing made of straight-blade netting welded together, packaging into a roll form for transport. Razor wire mesh is used in operations to pave the field after the installation of a blade barrier. This product can protect you and your property, and ensures the safety of the protective barriers.

This razor wire security fence product is almost impossible to climb or cut off with the standard tools, also it has a neat appearance.

Razor Mesh Profile:
Standard Panel Sizes(Height×Length):1.2m×6m,1.8m×6m,2.1m×6m,2.4m×6m
Aperture Sizes:150mm×300mm or 75mm×150mm
Material:Galvanized,Stainless Steel

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